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Creating new value,
setting new standards —
and building a society
where people can thrive

Toshihiro Nakao

We live in the age of VUCA: volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. Today’s business environment is highly unpredictable. Conventional wisdom no longer cuts it, and everywhere the pressure is on to rethink what it means to deliver value. Indeed, value itself needs to be reinvented. Meanwhile the old rules and the accepted ways of doing things are being redefined as unfamiliar new products and services emerge.

Doing business in the VUCA age requires the ability to meet corporate challenges like the SDGs, ESG investment, and creating shared value (CSV) while concurrently addressing social needs as well. It’s now more vital than ever to maintain a good relationship with society by putting public relations front and center in your corporate communications.

With the advent of this new era, we at Ozma PR have truly come into our own. After all, we have more than fifty years’ experience creating new value and, by managing relations with consumers, society, and the media, turning it into the standard others follow.

By creating new value and setting new standards, we are ourselves reinventing and redefining the future. In the process we aim to build a society where people can truly thrive and fulfill their potential.

Our watchword is “Unlock all.” You can expect big things of Ozma PR in the coming era.