Overview of Services

From selling products and services to branding, disclosing socially responsible information and presenting a raison d’être, companies and organizations are increasingly required to do more diversified things. At Ozma, our professionals in various fields provide clients with quality services based on their social design capabilities.

Communication Pivoted on
PR as the Core

We decode media and consumer insights and design meticulous ways to distribute information that anticipates the reaction of its audience, thereby contributing to marketing activities that bring not only transient topics but also sustainable growth to products and services.

  • Integrated Communication

    Integrated communication for launching campaigns that span multiple communication channels under the concept “PR-oriented thinking plus integrated communication.” PR-oriented thinking that develops consensus or starts a narrative between corporations and their brands and their consumers by designing the relationship between society and the stakeholder and then weaving it into a story. By combining these two things, we design communication that induces interactive reactions in the relationships between the “living things” of society, consumers and companies and their brands that change constantly, enabling us to bring new demand into being and create new markets.

  • PR Creative (Deliverables)

    The creative that carries the messages entrusted by companies and brands. We aim to incorporate themes, captured by our ability to discover social issues, as messages, and create discourses in society and between consumers to turn these messages into the subjects of much discussion. These deliverables sometimes transcend the expressions of media and design to give messages a concrete form as an “event,” and prepare a venue for co-creation with consumers. We offer deliverables that awaken people to new “obvious things” from the current common knowledge by posing questions to society in various ways.

  • Marketing PR

    We design keywords and stories that put the interests of consumers into words by capturing trends and movements in society in ways that address the marketing issues of clients, ranging from the launch of products and services and the creation of topics to the repositioning of signature products. We pinpoint information distribution structures tailored to communication targets and assist clients in areas from sales promotions for products and services to the implementation of communication strategies that forge new markets and social value.

  • Digital Communication

    The internet and digital media have become an integral part of our daily lives, and with offline and online media becoming seamlessly connected, the media environment surrounding consumers is getting more complicated. However, the essence of the PR activity, “Build good relationships between consumers and companies through the power of information and content no matter how times change.” remains unchanged. Ozma decodes media and consumer insights from massive amounts of data on the internet and digital media, and uses “out-of-the-box” and free imagination to draw up and execute digital communication strategies that run across paid media, earned media, shared media and owned media (PESO). Furthermore, utilizing a variety of data we visualize the results of the communication programs we implement and use the results to make continuous improvements.

  • Inbound and Outbound

    Companies face diverse challenges in promoting marketing communications targeted at overseas audiences with different cultures and customs. We are capable of meeting a wide range of needs including launching and expanding local advertising and events as well as conducting market potential surveys, and exploring distribution channels and business partners. Equipped with professional knowledge of and experience in both the inbound and outbound domains (export of Japanese products), Ozma’s staff are ready to support clients in activities from building the foundation of a brand concept overseas to target-setting and KPI formulation for business operators and consumers.

Corporate Communication

We offer comprehensive corporate PR based on the management strategy of clients. With the aim of changing the mindsets of stakeholders, including end users, business partners, employees, and investors, we provide one-stop solutions ranging from problem-finding to planning, execution and verification.

  • Strategic Corporate Communication

    In a society that toughly questions companies in terms of the roles they play, attitudes and corporate ethics for realizing stakeholder capitalism, companies are required to demonstrate their intentions and philosophies in a corporate capacity to society through corporate communication. Ozma deploys backcasting, which starts with defining the future that a company aims to realize, which is a “vision,” and then works backward to identify policies and programs, thereby assisting clients in areas from drawing up strategies for appropriate communication to disseminating messages in line with the client’s growth phase as a one-stop solution package.

  • Sustainability Communication

    Awareness toward sustainability among consumers is rapidly rising with changes showing up in people’s attitudes and activities in daily life and consumption. For corporate management, operations, products, and services as well, companies are required to strike a good balance between social and economic value in terms of how to grow their business in a sustainable manner from the perspectives of ESG and the SDGs, while also contributing to the global environment and social issues. Ozma’s staff are familiar with not only appropriate disclosure and distribution of correct information but also sustainability, and conceive in-depth communication strategies including story-weaving, favorable relationship-building with multiple stakeholders and symbolic actions, which contribute to the materialization of a sustainable society.

  • Internal Communication

    As organization-building and HR development that draws out the power of diversity has become commonplace and work styles themselves have changed through the promotion of remote work, vitalization of inner communication is also an issue for companies and poses an opportunity for enhancing corporate value. The need is also growing for the formulation of a purpose, mission, vision and value that demonstrates the raison d’être of a company, and for the launch or reinforcement of a PR department that realizes smooth communication inside and outside the company. Ozma revitalizes internal communication and contributes to enhancing organizational strengths and corporate value by fusing a long track record on PR in various industries, expertise in sustainability, and high facilitation skills.

  • Crisis Management Public Relations

    We offer one-stop solutions for the PR activities necessary for corporate management and operations in the event of crises that occur at unexpected times, such as scandals, quality problems and accidents. We provide two fixed-price plans for PR support services implemented by specialists in crisis management public relations so that clients can proceed with the first response and ensuing PR activities appropriately and swiftly in the event of a crisis.

  • Media Training

    With many cases of corruption and scandal engulfing many companies and organizations, there is an increasing awareness of consumers toward corporate initiatives for legal compliance, safety and security. Coinciding with such tendencies, the media are increasingly scrutinizing the crisis management systems of companies and organizations and holding them accountable for incidents. Under such circumstances, companies and organizations face the challenge of acquiring better abilities for handling the media and having higher-quality communication with consumers than ever before. Against this background, the importance and significance of media training has been drawn into the spotlight once again.
    Ozma provides one-stop and multi-layered media training from both the perspectives of media and corporate public relations by drawing on the extensive experience and expertise of our staff with media backgrounds, including newspapers, television, the internet and magazines, as well as deploying the methods of organizational defense and strategy.

  • Rule-Making Communication

    With technology evolving and business diversifying, there are more and more cases in which the existing rules become obstacles to business expansion and in which the existing rules contrarily need to be retained as a safeguard for business continuity. There are different rules, such as compulsory ones like laws and ordinances (rules in a narrow sense), and non-binding self-regulations, various guidelines, and de facto rules that form public opinion that generates a kind of “mood” and social norms (rules in a broad sense). Setting “Facilitate the formation of proper rules” as its mission, Ozma assists clients in developing rules both in the narrow and broad sense.

Healthcare Communication

PR staff with extensive experience in and knowledge of PR-oriented thinking that influences people’s minds and society achieve useful communication between patients, healthcare workers and consumers by leveraging solid relationships with the media and experts.

  • Co-creation with Patient Groups

    At present, there are approximately 1,400 patient groups in Japan, and about 3,000 patient groups if groups whose activities take place mainly online are included. The roles and functions of patient groups are generally divided into three. The first is the function of providing and sharing information for patients and their families to recognize and understand their disease. The second is the function of community to make friends and interact, and mutually encourage each other and share information. The third is the advocacy function of gathering people concerned to call on the public to develop an environment for fighting their diseases. Ozma has a deep understanding of the unmet needs of patient groups and patients and implements co-creation projects in cooperation with healthcare companies and patient groups based on “PR-oriented thinking.” We build continuous “trusted relationships” with diverse stakeholders through the project, thus contributing to creating a society and an environment that help patients lead comfortable lives.

  • Disease Awareness

    We live in an era in which there is so much medical and health information that it is difficult for patients to choose which information to rely on. There are many medical challenges that can be solved through communication, such as creating opportunities for asymptomatic patients to become aware of their disease and improving the presymptomatic stage, designing information flows that lead symptomatic patients to the right treatments, promoting early consultation with doctors, and realizing a patient-friendly society. Ozma’s expert staff with ample experience in PR and healthcare build strategies that bring about useful communication between stakeholders including patients, their families and healthcare professionals, employ a unique approach based on the information distribution structure to capture diseases from a new perspective.

Social Change Communication

Precisely because we are in unpredictable times of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity), there is a need to not only respond to existing needs but also to seek and indicate the ways that things should be in the future. Social Change Communication involves stakeholders broadly and supports activities that transform society in a positive manner.

  • Symbolic Action

    Symbolic action is a communication activity that weaves the attitude of a company or brand into a message to ask questions to society, thereby demonstrating the purpose (social raison d’être). This action is also effective as a thought leadership strategy that envisions the future of the industry in which the company is involved and of society, and presents solutions to issues as a pioneer. The implementation and wide dissemination of actions in line with social issues and corporate purpose can strengthen customer engagement and reform employee mindsets and behaviors, leading to the creation and reinforcement of corporate and brand value.

  • Community Co-creation

    Co-creation communication by forming consensus exhibits benefits when pushing forward with projects that involve people in diverse positions, such as the dissemination of the understanding of measures for migration and settlement and administrative projects, efforts for generating supporters of companies and brands, and corporate in-house projects. We regard stakeholders of companies and municipalities who are clients, employees, and citizens as communities and have the members share and own purposes and problems, by which we can involve the members as actors in the creation of attractiveness and dissemination of information. By taking co-creation actions with supporters as the leading characters, we deliver steady results toward solving problems and create mechanisms for continuing the activities.

  • Healthcare

    Today where there are growing calls regarding the importance of extending healthy life expectancy as the population ages, there are many issues that advances in medical technology and science alone cannot solve. While staying by the side of patients, their families and medical workers to understand their positions and emotions, we solve problems by deploying all possible communication methods based on PR-oriented thinking that can influence society. Ozma is staffed with a number of experts in healthcare communication familiar with medicine-related laws and rules and work on solving issues in all the processes of health from measures in the presymptomatic stage, prevention of disease, consultation, diagnosis, and treatment to maintenance and improvement of QOL. We also have a wealth of knowledge in crisis management measures for companies and organizations, as we handle information related to human life.

  • Food and Beverages

    Designing “Engagement of brands with society” from a medium- to long-term perspective, based on the Hakuhodo Group’s unique database of consumer surveys and analysis of the information environment on mass media and social media, pivoted on our commitment to and obsession with manufacturing in an ever-changing society. We strive for PR activities that go beyond temporary “topic-making” and lead to strengthening engagement with consumers and creating new dieting habits and food culture while conveying the attractiveness of products. We comprehensively handle a wide range of areas from the “online domain” of owned media and social media etc., the “offline domain” of shopfront promotions, events, etc. and the “overline domain” of information development and publicity, based on our knowledge of the restaurant industry, news creative capabilities and our network of experts and media. Our broad track record ranges from sweets to specified health foods.

    Food and Beverages
  • Restaurant Industry

    PR activities for the restaurant industry are required for launching and expanding impactful communication after broadly scanning knowledge of the mechanisms that disseminate information on digital media, trends, keywords, etc., as well as industry forecasts and trends reported by the mass media. It takes the creativity capable of detecting the next direction of diversifying food lifestyles to discover an angle or message that grabs the attention of society. Environmental considerations, such as food loss and traceability, are also important in addition to just seeking “new” or “delicious.” On top of the above, we draw up comprehensive PR strategies in coordination with core supporters and communities actively disseminating information and by taking the characteristics of social media and other online media into consideration, thereby conveying the information that our clients want to get across to their target audiences.

    Restaurant Industry
  • Daily Necessities and Consumables

    Daily necessities and consumables are indispensable for our life. With the increasing difficulty for companies in differentiating themselves from their competitors in terms of price and functions, the faster speed of product cycles, and new entrants from Japan and overseas, the development and execution of strategies based on the IMC approach is important in PR as well.
    Ozma, part of the Hakuhodo Group, captures social trends and change in consumer lifestyles, makes a story from PR-oriented thinking that redefines the value of a brand, then develops an IMC strategy. By conducting corporate collaboration and strategically disseminating information through influencers and social media, we create new demand based on the creation of topics at the time of launch and the product life cycle, thus developing a brand into one that consumers keep picking up.

    Daily Necessities and Consumables
  • Home Appliances

    Having been involved broadly in PR activities in the home appliance industry in Japan and overseas, Ozma has been successful in building robust relationships with the media, writers and influencers. The most important facts in PR for home appliances are functions, exterior appearance and brand. However, the value that target audiences receive varies depending on which point is conveyed and how it is conveyed. We analyze the characteristics of markets and products, target audiences, social environments and trends, and we value data-driven PR that builds a communication plan targeted at the audience. Based on data, we strive to create added value with “something extra” that is a story of the consumer sympathizing with functions, exterior appearance and brand.

    Home Appliances
  • Automotive

    In the age of “CASE (Connectivity, Autonomous, Shared and Electric),” which is said to be a once-in-100 year technologically transformational period in the automobile industry, it has become difficult to win the sympathy of users and society and help expand sales just through PR and advertising activities that convey only product advantages. Methods for distributing information are in demand now from various perspectives, such as weaving a story of aiming for the realization of carbon neutrality to solve social issues and the creation of value by MaaS (Mobility as a Service). Ozma supports the solving of social issues and the maximization of client business by PR-oriented thinking on the back of knowledge accumulated in the automotive domain over half a century and the trust of the industry, the media and journalists.

  • Commercial Facilities, Hotels and Real Estate

    A lifestyle has been established in which people not only visit a facility or a town for the shopping or to enjoy events first-hand, but also look for the comforts and experiences that can only be experienced there. Based on the spread of these values, we strive to enhance the value of facilities and towns by delivering messages in a variety of contexts, including culture, the environment, region, wellness and business. We launch and expand communication activities that contribute to branding by delivering information on “towns” that connect visitors and business organically and transform into platforms that create new value.

    Commercial Facilities, Hotels and Real Estate
  • IT, Technology and Communications

    Our lives cannot do without IT. In domains such as hardware, software, online services, and telecommunications, we need to present to stakeholders “How will this change the world?” in specific forms instead of just introducing the specifications of products and services. The way this is expressed varies depending on communication targets and channels. Our PR specialists who understand the ever-changing trends of technology and the sales channels of IT-related services and have ample experience in the category of social and life infrastructure look into client issues and assist them in stages from planning to execution with a creative way of thinking.

    IT, Technology and Communications
  • Entertainment

    The entertainment industry sees the level of excitement mounting with the fusion of real and virtual worlds generating new content and communication. People seek “hybrid” communication, which combines the real and virtual worlds to meet diversifying ways of enjoying content and supporter insights. With the aim of acquiring new supporters and forming communities, we develop communication that “induces people to recommend to others” by combining optimum PR measures from event PR that incorporates virtual methods and trends and creates the occasion of experiencing entertainment, and appealing the attractiveness of intellectual property, to social campaigns involving influencers. We contribute to the establishment of a company’s reputation and the enhancement of corporate brand value.

  • Cosmetics and Fashion

    Since its founding, Ozma has been involved in communications for a wide range of cosmetics and fashion brands from Japanese major brands to emerging international brands. We have a track record of satisfying the diverse needs of clients that cover information strategies in overseas markets, as well as the Japanese market.
    In the cosmetics and fashion industries, which are actively pursuing digital transformation, it is important to sensitively detect changes in the information environment and consumer trends, make a story that stays by the side of the brands and clients and start and expand measures swiftly. Ozma always takes up the challenge of creating new information deliverables and establishes a broad network ranging from the media, hairdressers, mega-influencers to micro-influencers, thereby realizing information strategies that clients need.

    Cosmetics and Fashion
  • Sports & wellness

    Sports have the power to attract, excite, and inspire a great number of people and at the same time distribute innovations that have a big impact on society and strong messages. There have been many cases where not only products and services have become hot topics but also the actions taken by a sports brand or athlete or a message they have sent developed into a big social movement. It is widely reported that we live in an era where people live up to be one hundred years old, so people’s interest in wellness has risen, and “wellbeing,” a state where people feel good physically, mentally and socially, is also attracting attention.
    Ozma develops PR strategies by leveraging know-how accumulated through many actual cases, builds relationships with sports-specialized media, edits stories about involved companies, supporters and communities by setting its eyes on the social value of sports, then distributes information though lifestyle media and online media including social media.

    Sports & wellness
  • Finance and Insurance

    In the financial and insurance industries, as existing businesses and services are advancing digital transformation, there is growing interest in Fintech, which is a combination of finance and technology, and ESG investment, which takes into account the environment, society, and corporate governance. Against this backdrop, companies are actively innovating their ways of thinking and the state of their business. The need is arising for designing stories that attract sympathy even in the fields of IT and the environment, exiting from existing financial media and journalist-based communication. Ozma builds and distributes communication stories that look further into how assets and facts in a new initiative for enhancing corporate reputation will contribute to change in society and the future of Japan.

    Finance and Insurance
  • Universities and Educational Institutions

    Universities and educational institutions tasked with the development of human resources and research that contributes to the development of society have a public nature. Therefore, it is all the more important for them than other organizations to formulate and promote PR activities that pay attention to the significance of their “social raison d’être and “contact points with society.” In addition, the diversity of stakeholders is one of their characteristics, so universities and educational institutions are required to conduct complex and sophisticated PR activities that reflect social issues such as the declining birthrate and respond to changes in the information environment. Ozma, which has supported universities and educational institutions in their public relations for many years, is capable of executing highly diversified PR activities covering strategy design, development of information content, media relations, the operation of owned media and digital communication as well as assistance in response to the occurrence of a crisis.

    Universities and Educational Institutions
  • Tourism and Leisure Facilities

    Consumer needs for tourism and leisure have shifted from one-size-fits-all package tours to packages that can be customized to taste. In addition, micro-tourism (one-day trips) and outdoor activities are in growing demand due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
    The key is to grasp trends that change along with the times and movements in society in real-time, edit the value of experiencing tourism and leisure facilities into information content that meets consumer insights, and get the message across without fail. Ozma supports a wide range of activities including the development of PR strategies, media relations and digital communications for facility opening as well as for ordinary operation.

    Tourism and Leisure Facilities
  • B-to-B Corporations

    With the values of stakeholders, such as business partners, employees, and shareholders, evolving, even B-to-B companies have a need to build a brand and express a corporate purpose (social raison d’être). Ozma furnishes clients with total solutions from strategy design to assistance in actual PR response through the methodology of unearthing a client’s corporate value and operational value and discussing what kind of communication should be adopted and disseminated given the client’s contact point with movements in society. In addition, we help clients establish a PR system and respond in case of the occurrence of a risk and assist clients in designing and executing a strategy from scratch to communication at the time of listing on a stock exchange.

    B-to-B Corporations
  • Government Agencies and Local Governments

    In the communication of government agencies and municipalities, it is important to build consensus with diverse stakeholders in different positions, such as citizens, business operators and organizations, and to create a sustainable mechanism that does not end up as a temporary measure. Ozma extracts essential issues behind the projects in the PR activities in areas such as public enlightenment programs by government agencies, urban promotion by local governments; tourism; agricultural, forestry and fishery products; migration; and medical care. With the understanding of the preferences, interests and values of consumers targeted to change their mindset and behaviors, we start making a concept, design and execute a strategy. Ozma has succeeded in creating several precedents that have spilled over into other regions.

    Government Agencies and Local Governments
  • Organizations and Non-profit Organizations

    In order for NPOs and NGOs to continue and develop their activities, it is necessary to communicate to society the issues that they tackle and their detailed activities in order to ensure that they can grow their sympathizer base, deepen cooperation with a variety of parties concerned and garner support. Nowadays the whole of society is supportive of the activities of NPO’s and NGO’s due to changes in the social environment and the improved legal system, and Ozma facilitates better communication by NPOs and NGOs by deploying PR-oriented thinking that accommodates value to people with diverse backgrounds and influences society. Drawing upon our experience in supporting a number of companies and organizations in their communication activities, Ozma is also in a good position to offer consultation in public affairs, which is influential in developing rules by working on policy-makers and forming public opinion.

    Organizations and Non-profit Organizations