2. Message from the President

Message from the President

Creating a new "common sense" by asking new "questions"
in the world.

Common sense that changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, common sense that will make a comeback when the coronavirus pandemic is over, and common sense that keeps changing as the trend of the times regardless of the coronavirus pandemic......

A combination of possibilities has made the future very difficult to see in this environment.

All of us members of society need to think and explore in order to make the future better.

As a component member, companies need to have a perspective that looks not only at economic value but also SDGs/ESG/CSV perspectives and are expected to create social values.

In addition, setting new values and forming new social rules is becoming necessary in the development of innovation in order to further increase economic values.

The strength that we at Ozma have cultivated over the past 60 years is to envision new values from social trends and to build relations with all stakeholders based on these concepts.

As a result, we have created a new common sense in society.

I am confident that our strengths will be an asset in society and our corporate activities in the future more than ever before.

President Toshihiro Nakao